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Why become a member?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Membership and renewal is a chance for us to say thanks and to share our news and our achievements from the previous year. 2022 was another successful year of giving Scholarships and Grants to members of the Island! Your membership is important and appreciated to the Madeline Island community! The Island Association owes both past and future accomplishments to our members. Thank you all!


About the Island Association

The Island Association is a nonprofit organization governed by a volunteer board consisting of year-round and summer residents. Our operations are made possible by annual memberships, fundraisers and additional contributions to our general and designated funds. This income enables us to provide grants for community organizations and community development. Our designated funds provide educational scholarships for island graduates, training support for EMS and funding for ROW PSA/La Pointe School trip around Wisconsin.

Continuing Scholarship Awards 2022-2023 Academic Year - Designated Funds

$2,000 - Frankie Flores, UMD

$2,000 -

$2,000 - Lillian Eichorst is attending Kailscochschule International University in Karlsruhle, Germany, studying International Relations.

$2,000 -

The Island Association Board and Scholarship Committee are so grateful to the Pace-Woods Foundation and Timothy & Stephanie Eldredge for their enthusiastic and generous support of our scholarship program.

Grants 2022-2023- General Fund

$4,000 in matching funds to the Town of La Pointe, Affordable Housing Advisory Committee feasibility study.

Designated Funds

EMS Training Fund - Currently, $XXX is available in the EMS fund. This helps new trainees cover the motel and ferry costs accumulated over the course of their travels to certification classes in Ashland and beyond, as well as other needed equipment.

P.S.A./La Pointe School (Rowboat V - Evan Erickson Row to Duluth) - Currently, $XXX is available in this fund. It is accessed to help finance the bi-annual May "Trip Around Wisconsin; for 4th and 5th graders.

Public Meetings and Events in 2023

We are presently evaluating where and when our events will take place this year. Please check back soon!

Thank you in advance for your support! Members of the Island Association Board remain committed to our mission: The purpose of the Island Association is to help in the preservation and enhancement of Madeline Island for its residents, both permanent and seasonal, as well as its visitors. The Island Association will accomplish this by directing financial and other resources to projects which are cultural, educational, celebratory, and health and safety oriented in nature. It is also a vehicle through which members can provide input that has tangible effects on the Island, and whereby anyone can donate resources to projects sponsored by the Association.

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